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About IDA


We have been proudly serving the Seattle and Bellevue area since 2007. Our school focuses on teaching prospective drivers defensive driving skills. Students will learn to have the right attitude while driving and become confident behind the wheel. The principal has over 10+ years of experience as a driving examiner and teacher. We not only provide classes, behind the wheel sessions, and defensive driving but also provide exam preparation.

Who choose IDA?

There are many driving schools in the Greater Seattle area, but why should you choose IDA?


Here at IDA, we take driving as more than a business.  We aim to produce students who are skillful and defensive drivers, even for those with a history of fear/nervousness for driving, or accidents.  Some key differentiators that set us apart as a driving school include the following:

  • Same-instructor 1:1 sessions: At IDA, we ensure that you have the same instructor from beginning to finish.  This means we will understand your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Flexibility/Personalization:  Due to the 1:1 attention that we will provide you throughout the lessons, your instructor will
    • Ensure that you spend sufficient time practicing all the necessary skills to become a defensive and responsible driver.
    • Personalize your lessons and allow you to learn at your own speed; we will spend time to specifically work on areas that you may need improvements on. 
    • We are also flexible in our scheduling as long as the lessons are booked 5 days prior.
  • Observation Hours:  IDA is unique in its offering of observation hours at no additional cost for our students who book our driving package.  This means that you can take out the nervousness you have from behind the wheel, and observe other student drivers for further learning.  You can more easily pick up on common mistakes during driving, and increase your confidence as a driver while taking notes on how to improve your own driving. 
  • We are diverse.  IDA is proud to say we have served many customers both locally and internationally.




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