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Intermediate Driver License


To get an intermediate license, new drivers under age 18 must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Have an instruction permit for six months
  • Present a signed, completed, certificate from an approved driver education course. Schools can now report your course completion to DOL electronically. 
  • Meet identification requirements including providing proof of parental relationship (for example, a certified birth certificate)
  • Have a parent or guardian sign parental authorization and certify that you've had at least 50 hours of supervised driving including 10 hours at night with someone who has been licensed for five years or more
  • Have a parent or guardian sign that no traffic citation has been issued or is pending for the prior six month period
  • Pass the written and driving tests
  • Disclose your social security number or, if you don't have one, sign a declaration
  • Have not been convicted of a found to have committed an offense involving alcohol or drugs while holding an instruction permit

Q. What's an intermediate driver license?

A. It's a license issued to a driver under the age of 18. Certain restrictions apply and there are tough penalties if an intermediate driver violates the restrictions or is convicted of traffic offenses.


Q. What happens if I let my friends ride in the car with me before I have my license for six months?

A. Except for family members, driving with passengers under age 20 before you have been licensed for six months is a violation of restrictions. A police officer could issue you a traffic citation. If it's the first violation a warning letter is sent to your parent. If you get a second violation your license will be suspended.


Q. I was ticketed to minor in possession (MIP). Can I get an intermediate license?

A. If the MIP was settled with the court before you were issued an instruction permit you may be eligible to get an intermediate license. However, if you had an instruction permit on or before the date of conviction, you will not be eligible for a license until age 18.


Q. Can I get a ticket/violation for using a cell phone while driving?

A. Yes. you may not talk or text on your cell phone, even with a hands-free device, unless you are reporting an emergency. The fine is $124 and the violation will be reported to your parent/guardian. Your passenger/nighttime restrictions can be extended and further tickets could result in your license being suspended.