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Teen Drivers (TSE) Program
Terms & Policies

The International Drivers Academy (IDA) Teen Drivers Traffic Safety Education (TSE) program involves 30 hours of classroom instruction, 4 hours of in-class simulation, 5 hours of behind-the-wheel (BTW) instruction, and 1 hour of behind-the-wheel observation. By enrolling, the students and their parents/guardians agree to adhere to the course requirements outlined in the Parent-Teen Safe-Driving Agreement and commit to meeting these requirements while following IDA's terms and policies.

The course fee is $639, payable by check or credit card, and must be paid to secure a spot in the class. A fee applies to returned checks or for disputing a valid credit card charge. The course requires a minimum of 10 students to proceed. Refunds (minus the registration fee) are available only before the first class session. No refunds will be issued for dropping the class after the second session, or if the student is suspended, expelled, or fails the class for any reason.

The student must be at least 15 years old by the course start date and must have an Instruction Permit. If the student is under 15½, they can pre-apply for the permit but cannot go to the Department of Licensing (DOL) to obtain it more than ten days before the course start date. The student must have the permit no later than three days after the course begins.

For each behind-the-wheel (BTW) lesson, the student must show a valid Instruction Permit and wear any required glasses or contacts. To cancel a scheduled drive lesson, the student must notify the instructor at least 48 hours in advance. If the student doesn't bring their permit, fails to bring glasses/contacts, misses a drive, or doesn't cancel on time, a $50 no-show fee will be charged. If the student requires more than 5 hours of BTW instruction, each additional lesson will cost $85.

Outside driving practice is required to complete the course successfully. The student needs at least 50 additional hours of driving practice (including 10 hours at night) with a qualified adult who has insurance coverage on their vehicle. To support this requirement, at least one parent/guardian must attend the first class.​

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