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Proudly serving the Greater Seattle Area since 2007

International Drivers Academy is an established driving school and an approved DOL license testing center. Here at IDA, we take driving more than a business. We thrive to provide the best-in-class experience for students of all ages and skill levels to become confident behind the wheel.


Joyce Kwok

Joyce Kwok is a licensed and certified driving examiner and instructor.


Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, Joyce has been empowering a broad range of students to learn defensive driving skills for the past 10+ years. 




IDA Driving School

What set us apart?


1:1 sessions

Same instructor from start to finish to ensure a consistent understanding of your progress and areas for improvement. You are welcome to switch instructors anytime to find the right fit without affecting your progress. 

Flexibility &


Tailor your learning path to your needs with flexible scheduling that suits your availability. You can conveniently select your preferred date and time through our online booking system.



The opportunity to learn from observing fellow student drivers on the road. This hands-on experience helps you pick up common mistakes, learn essential maneuvers, and enhance your defensive driving skills at a rate of $20 per hour (Coming Soon!)

IDA Driving School
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