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Washington State Driving Test (Road Test)

International Drivers Academy is a DOL-approved license testing center. We provide the Driving Test (Road Test/Skill Test) in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. To pass, you must achieve a minimum score of 80% on the Driving Test. Explore our provided resources to prepare for the Driving Test and know what to expect.

You must have passed the Knowledge Test within 2 years before scheduling the Driving Test.

IDA's office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM. Appointments outside these hours and on holidays incur a $20 per hour fee. 24-Hour urgent appointments are available by email only, for an additional fee of $40 per hour.

What to expect in the Driving Test?
In the Driving Test, you can expect to be evaluated on various maneuvers including lane changes, left and right turns at stop signs (4-way and 2-way), navigating traffic lights, handling uncontrolled intersections, side parking, parallel parking, backing around corners, and hill parking. The test route typically covers a 25 to 35 mph zone and remains within a 2-mile radius from our school. Please note that backup cameras are not permitted for use during the test.



What to bring for the Driving Test?

  • Your WDL number, AND

    • New format example: "WDL123456abc"

    • If you have an old WA ID issued before 2018, your WDL number will start with your last name. 

  • A government-issued photo ID for proof of identification. Accepted forms of identification include a passport, green card, or employment authorization card.

* If you arrive for a Driving Test without a valid Instruction Permit or valid out-of-country Driver's License, our examiner will issue you a Temporary Authorization Permit solely for the purpose of the Driving Test. This permit is strictly for use during the test and is not valid for warm-up sessions or lessons. It will not be applicable for the applicant's use after the Driving Test.

What to bring for the 30 min Warm Up + Driving Test?
  • Your WDL number, AND;

    • New format example: "WDL123456abc"

    • If you have an old WA ID issued before 2018, your WDL number will start with your last name. 

  • A physical valid WA Instruction Permit; or

  • A physical valid non-photo WA Instruction Permit AND a government-issued photo ID; or

  • A physical valid out-of-state Driver's License; or

  • A physical valid out-of-country Driver's License if you have been in the United States for less than a year AND you have passed the WA Knowledge Test within 2 years.

  • A physical valid out-of-country Driver's License IS NOT acceptable if you have been in the United States for more than a year. You must obtain a WA Instruction Permit AND have passed the WA Knowledge Test within 2 years.

  • Out-of-state Instruction Permit IS NOT acceptable. 

  • An electronic copy of a Driver's License IS NOT acceptable.

  • An electronic copy of WA Instruction Permit or non-photo WA Instruction Permit IS NOT acceptable.

Driving Test in school vehicle or personal vehicle?

Applicants can choose to use either the school vehicle or their personal vehicle for the Driving Test - with the same Driving Test fees.

  • School Vehicle 

    • Automatic​ transmission

    • Includes insurance

    • Equipped with dual controls

  • Personal Vehicle

    • Must provide valid car insurance in the applicant's name

    • Must provide valid car registration in the car owner's name

    • Must have a valid license plate tab

    • If it's a rental car, the applicant must provide the rental/lease agreement in their name

    • The vehicle must be mechanically reliable with all essential components in working order, including turn signals, brake lights, headlights, emergency flashers, seat belts, brakes, windshield wipers, tires meeting the legal minimum tread depth, side mirrors, and a rear-view mirror. There should be no cracks or chips affecting the line of vision in the windshield.

Failure to have the required items listed above for your Driving Test will result in a $50 rescheduling fee, and refunds will not be provided. 


  • If you received a letter from DOL to take an exam due to a physical, mental, visual, or medical issue, you must take the test at the DOL office. Failure to disclose this information before the Driving Test will result in your test not being honored at DOL and no refunds will be issued.

  • Under RCW 46.20.720, a driver convicted of an alcohol offense may be required to have an ignition interlock device (IID). The applicant must take the skills exam in the vehicle using the IID.

  • The Department of Licensing reserves the right to conduct random re-examinations;
    applicants refusing to take a re-examination may have their license revoked.

I've passed the Driving Test, what's next?

  • Upon completing your Driving Test, the exam scores will be recorded in the DOL database within 24 hours.

  • After you've passed the Driving Test, go to the local DOL office with DOL-required ID documents to obtain your WA Driver's License.

  • Should you have any questions or concerns about the testing process or have a question after an exam has taken place, please email us at

What is the refund policy?

IDA enforces a 48-hour minimum cancellation notice requirement. Late cancellations or reschedules will incur a $50 per hour rescheduling fee. No refunds will be provided for late arrivals exceeding a 10-minute grace period from the appointment time. To request rescheduling or cancellation, kindly reply directly to your booking confirmation email.

Ready to take the Driving Test?

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